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🌱 SINGRASS Welcomes M Hotel Singapore to the Family: Launching M Smart Eco System on Earth Day!

SINGRASS is thrilled to announce that M Hotel Singapore has joined SINGRASS family, marking a significant step towards enhancing indoor environments while cultivating worry-free vegetables together! And what better occasion to kick off this collaborative venture than on Earth Day itself?

As the world celebrates Earth Day every April 22nd, raising awareness about environmental responsibility and inspiring positive interactions with our planet, SINGRASS and M Hotel are excited to make a difference not just on Earth Day, but every day, with SINGRASS Indoor Smart Eco System. This innovative project, crafted with sustainability at its core, aims to benefit the planet and our communities in meaningful ways.

In partnership with SINGRASS, M Hotel is poised to sow the seeds for a greener, happier planet. The M Smart Eco System will cultivate a variety of leafy vegetables and herbs, including Kale, the all time favourite superfood, Lettuce, Full Red Bayam, and Sweet Basil, contributing to the hotel's commitment to sustainable gastronomy dining at Cafe2000. This farm-to-table experience ensures that guests enjoy the freshest, nutrient-rich produce while minimizing loss of resources like water and minerals.

We extend a warm welcome to M Hotel Singapore as they join us in this eco-conscious journey. Together, let's create healthier indoor environments and cultivate the freshest leafy greens and herbs, all while championing sustainability and environmental stewardship!

Join us in celebrating this exciting partnership and the promise it holds for a brighter, greener future!

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