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introducing our Indoor SMart
Eco system (ISEs) 

  • Establish indoor plant community with 27 types of leafy vegetables/spices to solve the problem of survival, growth and biomass.

  • 1 nursery layer + 4 planting layers, 157 planting pots, producing about 8kg of leafy vegetables per month per unit.

  • Covers an area of only 0.3 square meters per unit, allowing you to utilise existing indoor free space.

  • The height  of 1.7 meters is the aesthetic height of the traditional screen, which is easy to maintain and harvest, while enabling effective increases O2 and decreases CO2.

  • Optimal combination of light intensity and quality for the growth of leafy vegetables and spices.

Green Juice_edited_edited.jpg

Touchscreen COntrol Panel

  • 24/7 Intelligent Control of Light and Irrigation Timing.

Green Juice_edited_edited.jpg

Improves Indoor Air Quality

  • Reduces the level of Carbon Dioxide, Formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds indoors.

Green Juice_edited_edited.jpg

gives you more, better, for less

  • High photosynthetic efficiency that produces high yield of nutritious leafy greens.

  • Uses LED full spectrum light strip instead of ultraviolet light which is harmful to human eyes, and is 1:1 analogous to sunlight.

  • Energy saving, requires only 2.7 kWh of electricity per day.

  • Time saving with 24/7 automated lighting and irrigation system

  • No technical expertise needed and non-labour intensive.

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...that the biggest cost factor of leafy greens is not the production, but the logistics required to pack, preserve and display them conveniently for consumers to purchase?

Available varieties

Green Juice_edited.jpg

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