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  • Where can I see your Indoor Smart Eco System physically?
    We currently have our Indoor Smart Eco Farms at One Raffles Place (Level 2, next to Spaces) OUE Downtown (Level 1, next to Velo Velo and Do Si Rak) PLQ 1,2 (Office Lobby next to the entrance) PLQ 3 (Office Lobby next to the entrance) United Square (Basement, beside McDonald's) Novena Square (Level 3, opposite the H2 Therapy) Kinex (Level 3, near the escalator) To serve you better, why not arrange for a face to face introduction of our Indoor Smart Eco Farm with you! Get in touch with us at HERE and we will contact you to schedule a tour at our showrooms!
  • Is the Singrass Indoor Smart Eco System really suitable for me?
    We have taken every consideration to ensure the height of the farm and the position of the control panel is well within reach at 1.7m. Comfortably lit with LEDs, the system is able to integrate with most indoor spaces when paired with most furniture. The slight hum of the water pump is almost negligible while the pleasant trickle of the water is therapeutic as well! At current electricity tariffs, the power consumption per unit works out to be 2.7kWh per day or around SGD 24 per month. Having an Indoor Smart Eco System not only gives your bountiful nutritious produce that are pesticide, pollutant and worry-free, they also filter the indoor air to keep our hazardous and odourless pollutants that may cause long term ailments!
  • How much space do I need for an Indoor Smart Eco System ?
    Our Indoor Smart Eco System dimensions are 770mm in length 400mm in width 1700mm in height Taking up only 0.3 square metres of your premises, it is able to grow 157 plants at the same time, with each harvest taking 4-5 weeks. For a more detailed discussion about having our Indoor Smart Eco Farm in your office or residence, get in touch with our Customer Service Team to schedule an onsite assessment for your space. Contact us HERE to schedule an on-site visit!
  • Is the Indoor Smart Eco System suitable as a gift?
    Singrass' Indoor Smart Eco System #ISES is a great gift! If you know that the person is interested in -eating fresh vegetables -gardening -cooking -enjoys hands-on activities -likes to teach others then it is the perfect addition to their homes for them to be a successive urban farmer! The recipient of this gift will be able to maximise its benefits and thank you for many years to come!
  • Where do I get the support I need?
    We have a Customer Service team for our existing customers. They will be your dedicated support should you have any enquiries on growth, maintenance or request for topping up supplies in your growing journey. If you are new to Singrass, you may call or text us directly via WhatsApp Web by clicking HERE
  • What is "hydroponics?"
    Hydroponics is the method used by our SINGRASS Indoor Smart Eco Farm. Hydroponics is an alternative farming method that grows plants without the use of soil. These systems uses less water than traditional farming methods but provides a larger biomass in the same farm area. The roots of the plants are submerged in nutrient-rich water that provides the plants with all the nourishment they need. Our technology ensures that the roots are not fully submerged to prevent rotting, and careful attention is paid to the growth cycle to ensure that the produce is crunchy, fresh and does not have a strong taste usually associated with vegetables grown in the soil.
  • I need a restock, who do I look for?
    For existing SINGRASS customers, you can get in touch with your Customer Service Manager to enquire about any matters pertaining to your Indoor Smart Eco Farm - including the replenishing of supplies like seeds and nutrient solutions. You can choose to buy your own seeds from external sources, however, for a hassle free experience, why not give us a buzz and we will have it delivered to your doorstep! We are confident of the yield of all of our growing essentials — nutrients, seeds and planting cups — and we cannot vouch for the results of the products from other sources, so do take note!
  • What kind of support can I receive from SINGRASS?
    We have a dedicated support team of Customer Service Managers here at SINGRASS. They will be with you from the first on-site assessment, to understand your environment and your objectives. Subsequently, they will be your first liaison person to facilitate the confirmation and installation of the Indoor Smart Eco Farm. Ask them about the varieties, the growing process, even find out if they know of fellow farm owners near you to network with! Feel free to reach out to them at any point of the delivery, installation, harvesting and replanting cycles!
  • What can I grow with SINGRASS Indoor Smart Eco System?
    One SINGRASS Indoor Smart Eco System has a large production capacity of 157 planting pots and is capable of producing a 7-10kg of yield of greens every 4-5 weeks with our support. We have experimented with 27 different crop varieties that fulfils the nutrition, education and environmental needs of most customers!
  • I don't even like vegetables, why should I grow them in my office or home?
    The fact is that people cannot live without plants. Even if we do not eat much vegetables, interaction with leafy greens alleviate our tension and lighten up our mood. They improve our concentration and relieve eye fatigue. Not all plants have the same effect! At Singrass, we build harmonious urban ecosystems. As 90% of humans already spend 90% of their time in urban areas, we see a future where people and Indoor Smart Eco System coexist harmoniously indoors that not only provide leafy produce, but also decarbonize and refresh the air.

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