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Enhancing Athlete Nutrition with SINGRASS: A Partnership with Sports Singapore

SINGRASS's partnership with Sports Singapore marks an exciting leap forward in athlete nutrition. The integration of SINGRASS Indoor Smart Eco System into the nutrition lab in Singapore Sports Institute heralds a transformative approach to promoting healthy eating habits and enhancing the dietary choices of our athletes.

This innovative collaboration focuses on harnessing the potential of hydroponic leafy green vegetables and herbs within the SINGRASS Indoor Smart Eco System. By cultivating these nutrient-rich leafy greens, athletes and nutritionists gain firsthand insight into sustainable food production. Witnessing the growth cycle, from seedling to harvest, fosters a deeper appreciation for eco-friendly farming practices and reinforces the importance of fresh, locally grown produce.

Moreover, the partnership extends beyond cultivation to culinary exploration. Nutritionists are encouraged to explore diverse cooking methods tailored to different vegetables nurtured within the SINGRASS Indoor Smart Eco System. This hands-on approach not only broadens their culinary skills but also underscores the versatility of incorporating vegetables into their diets in delicious and nutritious ways.

In essence, the collaboration between SINGRASS and Sports Singapore represents a holistic approach to athlete well-being, fostering a culture of healthy eating and sustainability while revolutionising how we perceive and consume food for optimal performance.

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