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Cultivating Sustainability: SINGRASS and Applied Materials Join Forces for Hydroponic Collaboration

SINGRASS is excited and honoured to welcome the newest addition to the our family: Applied Materials Singapore! Together, we're embarking on an exciting journey of sustainability and better indoor air quality through hydroponics.

In a unique collaboration between Applied Materials' Young Professionals Network (YPN) and Alliance For Sustainability (AFS), we've pioneered the cultivation of our own vegetables in-house. Featuring SINGRASS, Applied Materials' AMSEA New College Graduates (NCGs) have taken on the roles of harvesters, packers, and planters, ushering in a new era of green initiatives within their workspace.

This initiative not only fosters a rejuvenating office environment with cleaner air and verdant scenery but also promotes sustainable food sources and waste reduction through a closed-loop system. The freshly harvested vegetables, including lettuce, pak choy, and rocket arugula, adorn our office with vibrant splashes of green, while simultaneously contributing to our cafeteria meals. Additionally, the waste gas generated in the office, such as carbon dioxide, serves as valuable fertilizer for the growing seedlings, completing the circle of sustainability while further enhancing the indoor air quality.

To culminate this inspiring collaboration, Applied Materials hosted a spirited competition where our NCGs raced against the clock to distribute their vegetable packs to colleagues throughout the office, spreading the message of sustainability and community engagement with each fresh harvest.

As we continue to nurture our partnership with Applied Materials Singapore and expand our sustainability efforts, we look forward to cultivating a greener, healthier future together.

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